About Me

After four years of UCLA varsity water polo, I decided to turn my hobby for programming into a career. I have treated learning to code as a full time job since then, and my passion has only continued to grow. I am now looking an opportunity to prove that I have what it takes to thrive as a full time software engineer


Personal Projects

Chess Enhancement Suite

A Chrome browser extension which records data about users' online chess games, finds the best move for a given position during an active game, and allows them to analyze their games retroactively. Used JavaScript and Chrome API’s with an MVC architecture. Interacted directly with the DOM to scrub data in real time during games, open web pages, and interact with and manipulate HTML elements, pass messages, and store data.

Fiefdom Kingdom

A React and Redux based game where players manage a kingdom by granting fiefs to nobles, thereby expanding their borders and protecting the kingdom from outside threats. Created a detailed game map using an animated HTML5 Canvas and robust, easy to use UI. Fiefdom Kingdom is a single-page application using React-Router.

Zacker Tracker (In Development)

An issue tracking application where users can login with their google account create project trackers, create and assign tickets, and track progress on their projects.

Professional Experience

AtScale Inc, Summer 2019

During my time at AtScale, I completely replaced a legacy API testing suite, converting over 1000 unique tests to a streamlined JavaScript and Jest automated test suite.

I also learned React and built new front-end components for the AtScale modeler product, which I also built unit tests for using Enzyme.

I built new REST API functionality using GoLang.

AtScale was an incredible oppurtunity that allowed me to gain valuable experience working within a team environment on a real product.